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This is the Tumblr for Cand86, a.k.a. Gwen, just a crazy girl who spends far too much time online.

This is the tumblr for my as-of-lately rarely updated blog, Pop Shot, a simpler place for me to drop off all the random thoughts in my brain and a dumping ground for every one of the amazing things I happen to find whilst meandering on the Internet- pictures, videos, songs, quotes, and websites that would otherwise languish in folders or on my browser's Favorites bar until I felt I could organize and post them "properly". Enjoy the unorganized mess!

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27 December 11
Access is more important than acquisition; the more I grok I can have what I want, the less deprived I feel without it.

- maymaym

I’d be lying if I said that most of what maymaym writes doesn’t fly over my head; he’s brilliant but it’s like going into quantum physics when you’ve barely mastered particles and waves- dizzyingly intellectual yet undercut with palpable grief and anger (the latter which I think anybody can grasp even if the higher concepts take more work).

This little tweet, though- it speaks to me so much.

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