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This is the tumblr for my as-of-lately rarely updated blog, Pop Shot, a simpler place for me to drop off all the random thoughts in my brain and a dumping ground for every one of the amazing things I happen to find whilst meandering on the Internet- pictures, videos, songs, quotes, and websites that would otherwise languish in folders or on my browser's Favorites bar until I felt I could organize and post them "properly". Enjoy the unorganized mess!

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21 October 14

I’m just going to throw this out there:

Gentlemen, fewer dick picks, please.  More butt pics.

20 October 14

I really want to see them live.

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19 October 14

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So I managed to finish my Elementary video before Season 3 started!  Consider it a little reminder of the wonderful of an arc Joan got in the first season, and a gift of tribute to the gods in the hopes that she gets another.

I actually started out wanting to do a Sheriarty vid (mostly because I had the perfect song in mind), and then I started to realize how fucked up it is to focus on a character who’s honestly only been in two episodes, even as I often complain myself about how little attention and love Joan gets.  Heck, even the best fanvids out there are almost always equal parts Joan and someone else.

So this one is completely Joan-centric, with everybody else (Sherlock included) as supporting players; if there’s any pairing to be found here, it’s Joan/discovering her new career.  The video is mostly Season 1 clips because the story is based in the first season, but there are a few helping bits from Season 2 as well.  And while I’m not 100% happy with all of the editing, I’m hoping that’s just the perfectionist in me.

Much thanks and appreciation to beanarie, whose Elementary commentary continues to be spot-on, this perfect post by cleoselene, aseriesoffortunatemasterposts for the videos, Vienna Teng for her gorgeous music and the lyrics that spoke to me, and of course Lucy Liu, Robert Doherty, and all the writers at Elementary for Joan.


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Textured stucco walls are such bullshit you can’t properly mount a suction cup dildo to them and there’s such banging noise when you put them on doors instead.

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I laughed so hard at that line.

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Well, fuck me.  I actually have an idea for a novel and wouldn’t you know it, NaNoWriMo is right around the corner.

Not that I want to do NaNoWriMo again- I’m too busy anyway- but it could still be a bit of a push forward from “that’d be cool” to “Why not?”

18 October 14

Well, the fried green tomatoes were delicious (especially with a creamy Ranch-Sriracha dipping sauce).  The movie, however, left a lot to be desired (Kathy Bates as Evelyn being the shining exception).

Obviously, everybody knows that Idgie and Ruth’s relationship should have been explicit and not just “friendship”.  But I also really needed Idgie to look the part, and that part just wasn’t Mary Stuart Masterson in tomboy mode.  I needed, like, a period-appropriate version of this:


It’s just … there aren’t that many fictional portrayals of explicitly butch women.  Especially not in well-written books.  And most definitely not in well-written books that aren’t also specialty-interest e-books or small-press paperbacks shelved in the gay/lesbian section at Barnes & Noble.  To take that away representation that’s already so rare is just infuriating.  I think J. Halberstam summed it up pretty well:

If heterosexual audiences had to watch a truly butch Idgie, there would have been little doubt as to the nature of the relationship between the two women.  Furthermore, to depict Idgie in a nonthreatening way, filmmaker Jon Avnet actually diverged considerably from the novel.  Avnet, curiously, depicts Idgie as a tomboy when young, but once she grows up, all traces of masculinity disappear*.  In an early scene, we watch an adorable cross-dressing young Idgie in suit and tie disrupt her sister’s wedding by shining a mirror into the preacher’s eyes.  The tomboy, however, grows up to be a rumpled Playboy model, a kind of Madonna look-alike.  In a gambling-hall scene, according to the novel, the grown-up Idgie is supposed to be one of the boys, a whore-visiting, rough-and-ready passing dyke.  In one episode of the book, Idgie goes to visit Ruth while she is still married to her abusive husband.  When Idgie finds out that Ruth’s husband has been beating her, Idgie marches into the barbershop where Frank Bennett is getting a shave and threatens to kill Bennett if he doesn’t leave Ruth alone.  After Idgie leaves, Flagg writes: “The barber stood there with his mouth open.  It had happened so fast.  He looked at Frank in the mirror and said “That boy must be crazy” (189).  No hint of the “boy” or even the “crazy boy” remains in Avnet’s femme-femme film.  

So, yeah.

Other things I needed: Idgie being head-over-heels for Ruth rather than standoffish at first, even without the romance.  Ruth NOT dating Buddy.  Young!Idgie refusing to wear a dress on principle, not only after her she got made fun of in it.  Eva.  That scene with the three-legged dog shown, not just mentioned in passing.  The real subplot of Railroad Bill.  Showing Idgie explicitly offering help to Smokey.  Grady actually being a member of the KKK.  Not insinuating that Ninny was actually Idgie (WTF?), and not leaving out that last scene with her and the honey.  And so on.

* I’d argue that Avnet was probably attempting to make Idgie somewhat masculine … and just failing dismally.  Her hair isn’t as long as it could have been and wasn’t femininely styled, she didn’t wear makeup, she wears pants and suspenders and even ties.  It’s just that it’s all very clearly done half-assed, so that she can remain aesthetically palatable to the heterosexual audiences that are presumed to not want to see what real butch women look like.

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