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27 August 14


Terami Hirsch- Falling

Another win from Pandora … I’m in love with this song.

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26 August 14


(Looking back at this show, I am so glad it was part of my childhood.)

Formative teenage viewing, this was.

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25 August 14



Another possibility: pansexual.

Something I’d done on my personal blog prior to making Invisible Bi Characters. It fits, though…what with the last episode of True Blood airing tonight.

That last picture might look familiar. ;)

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24 August 14

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23 August 14
I never thought he was redeemed … hell, the lack of regret (indeed, the near glee he had about his crime) at the end was, in my opinion, to cement home the point that even though he contributed in saving the day, he was still an unrepentant rapist pedophile murderer.

I never thought he was redeemed … hell, the lack of regret (indeed, the near glee he had about his crime) at the end was, in my opinion, to cement home the point that even though he contributed in saving the day, he was still an unrepentant rapist pedophile murderer.

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I can’t donate blood for a year.

Before I went in today, I even made sure to look it up.  Per Community Blood Services:

You may donate if you had your ears pierced (or any type of body piercing) or got a tattoo as long as it was performed in a licensed facility under sterile conditions. If the piercing was performed in an unlicensed facility, or in non-sterile conditions, you must wait one year before you can donate.

And then I get there and even though it was completely safe- licensed facility, under sterile conditions, with single-use needles- I won’t be able to give blood for a year because they can’t inspect it to see if there are signs of infection.*

I know<> there are a lot more unfair blood donation screening practices (the MSM one, for example) than this, but I’m still pretty pissed.  I don’t do a lot of charitable things, but donating blood was one of the easy things I could to do to feel like I was giving a little bit back, at least.  If I had known that I would be turned down, I would have lied not taken the effort to drive down there and fill out the stupid form.

* They’re labia** piercings … in a last-ditch effort, I offered to let her look.  She declined.

** On her sheet, she spelled it “lavia”.

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22 August 14


Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy

So you’re gone and I’m haunted
And I bet you are just fine
Did I make it that easy to walk
Right in and out of my life?

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21 August 14


These are based on the beautiful botanical tattoos of Kirsten Holliday (kirstenmakestattoos).

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sweetsurrendertodreams said: Like to pint out to all of the Lost Girl fandom that there have been plenty of gay/lesbian/bi characters. I would also like to point out that it's very clear that many are seem to swing both ways and have no care for gender.




Let’s look at which primary & secondary characters are bi/pan/gay/lesbian: Bo, Tamsin, Lauren, Nadia and Vex, as far as I’m aware. With a maybe for Morrigan.

Now, that actually is quite a few characters when compared to most other shows. And the fact that all the same-sex relationships are treated equally to the different-sex relationships is really great.

But there are also some troubling things about that group. For one thing, everyone’s cis. Vex is the closest one of that bunch that could be described as anything other than cis…but we run into the “depraved queer” trope with him. Also, everyone except Nadia is white (and Nadia is dead). And everyone on that list except Vex is a cis woman.

It’s absolutely great that there’s a show that is depicting women’s sexuality as complex and interesting as Lost Girl does. And that women characters are the focus of the show, also really great. But considering there are multiple cis men secondary characters who have pretty dang big roles…it’s also quite frustrating that they’re all portrayed as straight.

The show’s now perfect, is what I’m saying.

I consider that’s quite a bit, since I have failed to watch any shows with that many. EVER. The only other show I can possible think of would be Supernatural and it’s still few and far between.

This show has the widest range of sexualities that I know of. This is all I will agree with you on.

AND that doesn’t include ALL characters. You are leaving out most of the characters in the show by RESORTING to only common secondary characters. Anyone besides the main characters (Bo’s immediate group and is a protagonist) is a secondary character of some sort besides major antagonists. As a result you cut out everyone Bo and Lauren sleep with or have relationships, and that counts even if we don’t know their name. Their not just “gay”. They are alive with personality and development in a way that’s not demeaning to us. I’m sick of gay characters only being the fashionable best friend who only hangs out at the gay club in town. It’s annoying. This show has brilliantly shown sexuality as something doesn’t change who we are as people

Bo and Lauren simply go out to any other persons joint, aka the Dal. They simply pick a person, and go for it.

While yes, many characters are straight, I want everyone to see how Tumblr Users treat the “gay-trend”. No ones seems to be happy till EVERYONE is gay . The one thing everyone wanted has been destroyed by this. Everyone wanted equality and no more labels. Instead they’ve given themselves their biggest label yet. Every ship, every fanfic, every opinion on every character, has been that they should be gay. It’s caused gay to be the new straight on Tumblr. It’s the New Emo, the new Goth, the new Punk, the new Hippy, the new Anarchist.

And the fact that you’re using the word cis? I find this word widely thrown around by those who are obviously anti-straight and have gone as far at most times to consider “straightness” not a thing. I’m bisexual, and even I find this word pointless and just over glorified for it’s point. There is no need for fancy words. No one needs the labels. Labels will never accurately describe anyone’s true sense of self in sexual nature. This is the Tumblr Users main fault. You all need names and labels for things despite everyone’s need to break the labels and boundaries set by society. It’s the emo group complaining and whining about how nobody likes them because their different. Which in all reality they’ve all conformed themselves into one group that has created a mass trend of the same person with the same style. It’s all just a pre-adult way of dealing with the world’s crap with out actually dealing with it.

And you said everyone is white except for Nadia. Like Hale isn’t a black? Are you anti male? Does he not count? Or his family for that matter. There is a list of non-white characters. Within the immediate group yes there’s only Hail, the ORIGINAL ASH, and Nadia. Technically if we go by primary characters, it’s only Hail. Whom is the lovely Russians love interest, and major player in many plots with out being his on Tolken stereo type. And if you look out into the crowd of most social scenes, the people are pleasantly mixed. We’ve even gone to Africa (Madagascar, the Congo, Egypt), we’ve gotten to the fae of the Amazon. We’ve met tricks old love from China.

But I would like to also point out that most of the Major Fae of the show are based off Gaelic legends, and other UK and European mythology. The Fae background is a term coined from European mythology. The fact they are finding a way to branch out and collect as much mythology from around the world and converge it with Euro folklore is amazing. You know how hard that’s gotta be? All the databases they have to go through, the research? And then to appropriately portray them in a modern day with culture they have never mixed with in our actual history? Basing a world around merely Fae (of Faeries) could have easily been the whitest and most generic show you could find on television considering Faeries are based in again, I will say, EUROPE.

All I’M saying is, as one gay woman to the next, I find no problem with this show besides the actual writing and inability to not fully develop their great plots with more detail. It has amazing potential and I’m sure it will only continue to get better. They have taken great lengths to grab the attention of the American audience by getting into the minds of our generation.

But our self-entitled generation has found a way to nit-pick and complain about EVERY great thing their given.

So my point, in sending the original message, is to stop being mad at the world and start seeing and creating the change you so wish for. And through a realistic view

Alllllllllllrighty…so all the unnamed random characters are folks I’d consider tertiary characters, not secondary. And characters who only exist for an episode or two just don’t carry the same weight as characters who exist throughout entire seasons (or the entire series).

Second, I’m not actually angry…well, not at Lost Girl, anyway. You’ll find I actually praised Lost Girl quite a bit in my initial response. That there are so many queer characters on the show is great. That the main character is a woman who is comfortable with her queer sexuality is great. That they treat the relationship between Lauren & Bo with equal weight as they do Dyson & Bo is great. But the fact that the show does those great things, doesn’t erase the problematic things it also does.

Also, that thing at the end of your post about “creating the change I wish for.” Um, right…so I made a blog where I label characters bi/pan…I think that’s pretty much the definition of “creating the change I wish for.” A mostly positive blog, too. We’ve got some discussion, of course…but for the most part it’s all about the, “hell yeah this character is bi!” attitude.

Anyway, as for the rest of what you’ve written, I’m not even going to address it because it’s, frankly, not worth it.

(ETA: Whoops, originally wrote this on my personal blog…so redoing it here).

Good lord, that diatribe from sweetsurrendertodreams is so stupid.  Not sure if I should waste time correcting her, but in the meantime, I couldn’t help but think of the following (in regards to the whole “No ones seems to be happy till EVERYONE is gay” thing:

(Also, as an aside, isn’t the Morrigan a definite yes now?)

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