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This is the Tumblr for Cand86, a.k.a. Gwen, just a crazy girl who spends far too much time online.

This is the tumblr for my as-of-lately rarely updated blog, Pop Shot, a simpler place for me to drop off all the random thoughts in my brain and a dumping ground for every one of the amazing things I happen to find whilst meandering on the Internet- pictures, videos, songs, quotes, and websites that would otherwise languish in folders or on my browser's Favorites bar until I felt I could organize and post them "properly". Enjoy the unorganized mess!

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1 September 14

I don’t understand how long-distance romantic relationships work … waiting a month to see my best friend is hard enough.

And of course you can never see one another when either of you are really hurting, because that would be too convenient for fate to align, of course.

Posted: 12:30 PM

It’s not really that meaningful a title considering I don’t know a ton of classical music, but this is probably my favorite.

It makes my fingers itch to play the piano, too, although it would probably take forever to get down considering the state my musical ability is in now.

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31 August 14

I watched this movie based solely on seeing these gifs and the way they turned my stomach but kept me wanting to look at them …

The premise is equal parts stupid implausibility and a poignant critique on celebrity obsession, and while it has really lovely, atmospheric cinematography and acting, it plodded along slowly and lasted maybe a bit too long.

That said, Caleb Landry Jones is really pretty and spends a lot of the movie very [cinematically beautifully] sick and bloodied, if you’re into that sort of thing.

30 August 14


when your armpit just won’t shut up


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Posted: 3:20 AM
poly romcom?

Splendor.  It’s a little cheesy, but I remember enjoying it.

Posted: 3:14 AM

Be it lizard aliens or child molestation … Araki never fails to give me a case of the creeps.

29 August 14



Yeah, but then he wussed out.

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28 August 14

Just a slow-motion video of a couple of guys getting tased on the butt.

Why, you may ask?

Why not.

27 August 14


Terami Hirsch- Falling

Another win from Pandora … I’m in love with this song.

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26 August 14


(Looking back at this show, I am so glad it was part of my childhood.)

Formative teenage viewing, this was.

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